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Tuck It In: Making Too-Large Finds Work


Top: Forever21 dark metallic teal loose v-neck tee, $5 from local thrift store; layered over Derek Heart black tank with bronze grommets, $5 from Goodwill.
Bottom: Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, on sale for $20, from J.C.Penney (I got them when I was 16 and my mom paid for all my clothes, so they’re a bit more expensive than I’d usually get now.)
Shoes: Brash floral loafers, $16.25 on sale at Payless.
Accesories: Watch, $6 at Michael’s; bracelet, gift from family; necklace, gift from family.
Total cost: $52.25

Hi, gentle readers!


This outfit highlights one of the major issues faced when thrifting—it can be difficult to find clothes in the right size. Luckily, there are several ways to make clothes in the wrong size work.


This top, which I bought from a local thrift store, was a medium, but fit like a large or even an extra-large. I’m a small, so I wasn’t sure if I could make it work, but I loved the fabric. So, I decided to figure out a way to make it look good anyway!


The first way to make a too-large top work is to belt it around the waist. I’m not partial to this look, but some people swear by it. Another way is to use magical sewing powers, but being quite lazy, I didn’t do this either. A third way is to knot the waist.  I really love this method, but unfortunately the fabric on this shirt was too soft to stay in a knot.


So, I went with the tried-and-true method of simply tucking it in. There are a few different kinds of tucks—front tucks, half tucks, full tucks—and most shirts will look good in at least one of these tucks. I went with a full tuck, because the shirt was loose enough that partial tucks still weren’t flattering.


I decided to forgo a belt because I feel like it takes the focus away from the pants, and I really like these pants. I wear them about four times a week.

(speaking of which, why are capsule wardrobes fashionable but rewearing clothes isn’t? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Or is it that rewearing clothes is only okay if they’re designer pieces? I smell elitism….)


The paint splatters on the jeans are self-done, by the way, and I’ll be covering how to make stains on clothing look deliberate and even cute in a later article.


The shoes are cute, and since I only bought them a few days ago, they’re probably available online, but I’ll warn you that they’re already showing signs of wear, on only the second day worn.


Lastly, the tank top is from Goodwill. I bought it when I was convinced that once I became an adult I would wear solely sexy emo clothing, which…uh….didnt quite turn out according to plan. Sorry, 14-year-old-me. But it makes a great layering piece. Never discount a piece if it looks bad solo without first seeing if it can be layered.


So, there you have it: an outfit for just over $50 dollars, and some tips on making too-large shirts work! Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience with making too-small clothes work, so if anyone has any tips, leave them in the comments section and I’ll feature them in a later article.


Thanks for reading, and happy thrifting!





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