Red Silk Shirt and Straw Hat—and the whole outfit cost less than $50!


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Top: Petite Sophisticate red 100% silk buttoned shirt, $1 at local thrift store
Bottom: Gloria Vanderbilt jeans (paint stains by me), $20 on sale at J.C.Penney’s (these jeans also feature in this outfit)
Shoes: American Eagle red converses, $10 on sale at Payless
Accessories: Hat, $4 at local thrift store; watch, $7 on sale at Michael’s
Total cost: $42


Hiya, readers!

I call today’s look: cute French artist walking along a flower-filled riverside (CFAWAaF-FR for short).

This shirt is one of my favorite pieces. It’s actually surprisingly easy to find good quality silk shirts at resale stores. I have four like-new ones that I’ve found in the past month alone, and each cost less than $3! Silk makes anything look fancy, so I just went with plain, paint-splattered jeans for the bottom. Plus, these jeans add to the carefree-arty look, and carefree-artiness is my jam.

Cute straw hats are also pretty common in thrift stores, especially ones frequented by senior citizens. They’re also really easy to customize by adding flowers, different-color headbands, or even painting on them. (I painted a blue band along the border of one with acrylics and it’s holding up great so far!)

Would you guess that this outfit cost less than $50?!


Bonus: My dog, A.J., came by to say hi-



Happy thrifting!


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