My mission is to help people live better, cheaper.

Too much of the time, people are judged unfairly if they wear clothes from thrift stores or show up to the checkout counter with a wad of coupons. This is, quite frankly, idiotic. Wearing clothes from a discount rack or clipping coupons doesn’t reflect on a person’s intelligence, heart, or worth.

With this blog, I aim to help people use cheap resources to look good, live well, and prove that you can have a full and happy life without spending a lot of money.

To that end, I publish quick and easy recipes, tips on making thrifted clothes into great outfits, advice for making the most of sales and discounts, and everything else I can think of to help you save money without sacrificing quality.

It’s time to take fashion, food, and more out of the hands of the rich, and give it to the people.

It’s time to show that value doesn’t lie in expense.

It’s time to show that quality comes from how you use materials, not from the cost of those materials.

It’s time to prove that anyone can live better, cheaper.

I hope you join me.